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Our Ambitions

We have great ambition in the St. Cloud Circuit. One goal of ours is to get every congregation to serve something better than Folgers. 

We’ve also got some attainable goals. Here’s a list of things we have in mind: 

- publish a bi-monthly newsletter (and maybe a monthly one)

- publish yearly Advent and Lenten Devotions

- next step - publish a 365 day devotional 

- write blogs to keep our writing skills sharp and to give people the content they demand

- publish a book detailing the history of our circuit and its congregations 

- host workshops on practical things - how to read the Bible, how to have conversation at the dinner table, how to put your smartphone down, how to think about the news

- host regular confirmation retreats 

- host a theological conference that isn’t boring

- maintain a list of the books we read 

- have regular meetings with our state representatives in St. Paul with the goal of meeting with them at home regularly 

- cultivate unity in God’s Word among all Christians in our area

I think that’s good for now. We hope you join us in prayer and action in the work that God has prepared us to do. 


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